MIDI channels not assignable?

I know this is going to be an obvious answer, because I know I’ve set this up before, but cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m missing.

I am trying to control an external synth using the MIDI channels, but for some reason I cannot access the SETUP PAGE for any of the channels. The track selection indicators along the left and right sides of the screen all have an ‘X’. I know I should be able to set the midi channel for a track by either double tapping the midi track button, or by pushing FUNCTION + TRACK button, but when i do either of these, the SETUP screen does not appear. I have checked my PROJECT setting over and over, and everything seems to be correct. I am losing my interest in the OT due to simple things like this that become ball aches. Thanks.

Double-tap playback when you have the channel you want selected. You can change channels with encoder A then. Don’t forget to click to confirm.

Never mind. I figured it out. It’s FUNCTION + PLAYBACK to access the menu to set the midi channel.

I hate this manual!

Cheers my man. Thanks for quick response.