Midi clock master options?

Hi all,

I have a simple daisy chain with the following configuration:

keyboard controller midi out>
midi in Rytm midi thru>
midi in synth module

my keyboard controller does not have transmit midi clock (tempo) functionality (it is a simple Alesis Q49). I have not been able to synch my synth module to Rytm’s clock. Midi transmit and midi receive are correctly set in both rytm and synth module. I understand that in order to use a device as midi clock master, you need to do this via the midi out. But when I use Rytm’s midi out, the keyboard midi signal is only consumed by the Rytm, it does not pass through to the synth module, which is not an option as I want to use my keyboard for both.

is there any configuration possible to use Rytm as a master for midi synch being in the middle of the chain? like for example transmit midi clock via midi thru, or pass keyboard signals via Rytm`s midi-out? Any other ideas?

thanks and excuse my ignorance