Midi control of my NTS-1, OT or DN? (pattern per pattern)

My setup is DN->OT(AB) cue out to NTS-1 -> OT(CD)->AH. I use the NTS-1 as a send/return. I control the fx params from the DNs midi pages BUT, I think it might be better to use OT’s Midi.


  • OT has more stuff (LFOs, ARP)
  • I can tweak the DN sound params AT THE SAME TIME as the OT midi CC encoders without “mode switching”

So far I have a single Part and pattern on the OT for all my DN patterns. I don’t send PC messages from DN. The OT is just a glorified mixer in this setup. If I want OT to control the FX settings, and I want different settings for each track (I have two tracks per bank) I’d have to accept pattern changes, and set up the same Part for each bank, right?

Is there way to copy a Part between banks? Just copy in one bank, change banks, and paste?