Midi control out - full polyphony?

I know the Analog Keys has 4-voice polyphony, and the new (awesome) midi sequencer tracks have 4-note polyohony. But when using it as a controller for other synth modules in Midi Control mode, is midi polyphony still limited to 4 notes? Honest question, would try it out myself but the synth’s back home.

I tested once, I think it’s 6x4=24 voices polyphony. I didn’t try up to 24, but it was more than 4!


phew, ok that’s good news, thanks!

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does the Analog Four MKII also have midi out polyphony? can’t find the answer in the manual…

I was asking back then specifically about midi control polyohoby when playing the keys on the AK. I’ve never sat down and counted how many voices I could control thru midi, but it’s enough.

But that’s using the keys. I think you’re talking about the sequencer tracks of the A4, which are max 4 voices.

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Oh I see my confusion. Thanks for clarifying