MIDI/DIN Sync to Modular/Eurorack/jack adapter

I’m using some cheap cables I got off ebay to adapt the MIDI to jacks for plugging into stuff, but I noticed today that expert sleepers sells an adapter that should work. They look more robust and I’d personally rather use a long single wire MIDI cable, with two short leads than what I have now.

DJ1200: http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/accessories.html

The DIN sync pulses are reasonably handy - even more so if you’re using a clock divider! :wink:

Still, if anything you have has a tap tempo, clock, sync or start/stop jack it’s worth trying out, I think. It’s good fun with a lot of older drum machines. I like getting things to sound “right” sending out sync48 and then switching it to sync24 while playing around and vice versa.

Could be interesting with the new korgs too? Are they just using a 1:1 pulse to sync up? Keep in mind, the analog 4 can send DIN Sync out of both the MIDI out and Thru at the same time, so you might not have to use up your main CV outs for simple tempo or sync duties.

And if you want to make your own: http://www.doepfer.de/faq/gen_faq.htm#Sync

I’m selfishly hopping that if enough people use this we could get non-roland standards added and get some slower pulses that are more versatile
straight out of the box. :slight_smile: