Midi drum pad to octatrack

Has someone tried this i.e used a midi drum pad with the octatrack? To sequence the audio tracks? Which one did you use? Any recommendations?

Also I would like to know when midi cc of an external controller gets updated. I.e I have send amp volume cc, and I change the pattern, is the cc value still present in the octatrack?

If the pattern you change to is using the same part, the amp volume should stay the same when you switch patterns.

I use a Taktile 49 Korg. Works pretty well, can send Ccs, Notes, Pcs, with a synced arp.

Ok , i fear that this is the same behaviour on the Analog RYTM then, when i would switch the kit, the settings get updated, there is no fetching of external midi controllers state, and the external midi controllers only send when they change messages.