MIDI footswitch to trigger one shots (fills workaround) or any other method that works?

I’m looking for a workaround for the inability to trigger fills via MIDI and I’d read in other posts here that one shot trigs were the way to go.

This works great when you use the ‘Yes’ button, holding it down arms all the one shot trigs (and all of them play for as long as you hold the button down) but when I try and do this via a MIDI footswitch the only CC command I can find (arm track) only seems to trigger the first one.

What I’m trying to do is conditionally play sample trigs when I’m holding down a MIDI footswitch, basically just doing fills but using MIDI. Does the one shot workaround have the same limitation here? E.g. you can only do it from the buttons?

If that’s the case is there a workaround to only playing certain trigs on a channel when I hold a MIDI footswitch down? I checked out a couple of fills alternatives posts but they seem to be about using things like delays and retriggers and I want to be able to bring in pre-programmed variations of triggers on a track (for drum fills) without having to put my guitar down and use the buttons.

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If a track contains several one shot trigs, all one shot trigs of that track will be disarmed once one of the one shot trigs has been activated by the sequencer

Not easy AFAIK.
You have to send CC52 (Arm Track) or CC54 (Arm All) regularly to arm consecutive one shots. I don’t know midi foot controllers doing this. Combined with a midi controller like RK002, it should work.

You can use play free tracks and midi loopback to do so (Hold modeif, hoping your controller can send note on and off).
A CC54 per step (needs a trick with lfo)
Send C3 note to trigger midi T1 for example.
Midi merger required (OT Thru > midi foot controller IN possible).

Example, using mostly midi plays free tracks arming one shots (except basic beat) and FILL TRC. Midi loopback. Would be possible to arm and control the crossfader with a foot controller. :crazy_face:

Thanks for the info, but I don’t think my gear will do the trick. Such a shame as the ‘Yes’ button does exactly what I want (although so do the ‘Fill’ finger gymnastics). Seems they really don’t want you to do fills with a MIDI controller.

Is there any other alternative way you can think that I could use to achieve that? Setting a property on some trigs so that I could switch selected trigs on/off using a foot controller? Possibly using scenes?

Possibly. Scenes override plocks. A scene without parameters locked to trigs make them active. Lfo depth for example. Not sure it’d work if you want to trig / retrig samples with scenes changes.

Any example of parameters you’d like to use as fill?

Ah ok. I haven’t played with scenes much yet and didn’t realise they worked like that. I was hoping that I could set only some trigs to play on a scene change.

The only thing I want to set is whether certain trigs play or not. Is there no other weird way to set this using MIDI control? The only thing I can think of now (with my admittedly limited knowledge) is to use a separate track for the fill trigs and then mute/unmute that via MIDI, but that’s far from ideal in programming, wasting a track and cutting off note volumes, etc.

Sorry just realised what you meant in your last post. So if I set the ‘fill trigs’ with p-locks and then set a scene to reset that parameter then they could play that way?

I’m not sure what parameter I could use except volume, which isn’t ideal as i guess it’d fade. Any other parameters that would turn a note on or off completely?

You can also use Filter Width. Requires experimentation, maybe a fixed Lfo would help, plocking its depth…

I’d try a Play Free track with /FILL TRC above the track you want with FILL. Use NEI instead of FILL.
See below.

Great, thanks. Not familiar with much of those but I’ll head to the manual and give them a try :slight_smile:

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I tested scenes and plays free NEI. Both work.

Scenes :
T1 : set your “FILL” trigs, plocks on VOL (-63)

Scene 1 (“FILL” off) : no plock on VOL (0)
Scene 2 (“FILL” on) : plock on VOL (0)

Plays Free / NEI
T2 = Normal track with NEI TRC as “FILL”
T1 = Plays Free with /FILL TRCs, same steps as T2 NEI, alternate with FILL TRC. Hold mode.

When T1 is played, /FILL are true, T2 NEI are played. You can add NEI on track 3, 4, 5?..
NEI doesn’t have to be on the same step.

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Cheers! I’ll try that later today.