Midi help w/Digitone and Bass Station II

Hey yall I’m experimenting with running my Digitone through the Bass Station II. Basic set up is build a DN patch using a max sustain and open filter and just using the BSII filter and amp, on BSII I have only the external in audible.

I have BSII midi out to the DN and play from the DN.

However, whenever I’m working on something the Digitone patch resets and all the ratios go to 16. Is there some midi data being sent from the BSII that’s causing this? How can I get it to just transmit notes?

really want to make this work because it’s a beautiful combo!

wait, you have the midi OUT from the BS2 going to the Digitone’s midi IN?

that´s what you would do if you wanted to play the DN via the BS2s keyboard… is that what you are doing?

also, yes - every knob and of course the keyboard on the BS2 sends MIDI data, and the Elektron devices by default react to incoming control messages.

I don´t have a Digitone, but I´m sure there is an option in the settings to turn off incoming “control” messages.

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yeah I set it up that way bc the BS2 keyboard is nicer than the DN’s. I guess the simplest way would be to us the midi out from DN for now huh.

or just turn off “receive cc” in the Digitone midi config menu (assuming it’s the same as on DT. Which I am pretty sure it will be)

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very last thing under 14.3.22 here:

OR maybe the Bass Station is sending a program change if it’s doing it to every control at once?
You can disable receiving those too (14.3.1 in the manual)

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yes thank you - that is exactly the option I meant!

(it is called something else in the Octatrack I think, which is why I couldn´t tell for sure)

RE: program change
afaik the only way for the BassStation2 to send a “prg change” message is if you change patch on the BS2 itself.

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Ah thanks guys! I swear I went to that menu many times I just have literally never gone down to the Accept CC option.

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Hey, how did this go? I am thinking of getting a bass station 2 and want to use it as a controller for my digitone. My question is this: if you disable RECEIVE CC/NRPNs in the digitone, can you still use aftertouch and modwheel on the bass station? I want to block all of the CCs from the bass station knobs, but I still want to be able to use the aftertouch, modwheel, and pitchwheel.

Hi, I have a BS2 and use it in a way you are wanting.

As long as you set the BS2 to midi channel 10 and turn local off you should be good to go.

In terms of CC you can selectively switch on off CCs. As an aside, the mod wheel only works over a MIDI cable and not usb midi.

I’m sorry, i’m still confused, where can you “selectively switch on off CCs,” – with settings in the Bass Station, or Settings in the Digitone?

See here how I set up MIDI to play external gear through and with an Elektron device. Hope this helps to achieve what you want.

No problems.

On the Digitone you have 2 pages. One dedicated to setting the CC values and the other for setting the CC number. The CC number is the CC you want to control on the BS2. The CC value is the amount you want to change the value by.

For example setting the CC number to 16 on the Digitone will setup the Frequency CC on the BS2.

You can selectively turn on off CCs on the Digitone by pressing FNC plus a data knob.

I’ve attached the BS2 CC crib sheet for quick reference.

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