Midi help with my Digitakt/Digitone setup with a Keystep and possibly 303 clone


I have my DN & DT setup like below and for Xmas I’m getting a Keystep 37 and possibly a TB 303 clone like the Roland Boutique TB-03 (get to decide as they might be a better option).

I’m new to midi and wonder how I will connect the Keystep to the Digitone and if I get a 303 clone like the Roland to have it be controlled by the Digitakt’s sequencer. Apparently with it’s midi CC I can use the effects of the Digitakt and the p-locks. Maybe it can run through the Digitone too for double effects?

Maybe like this:

Keystep midi out —> DN midi in
DN midi thru —> DT midi thru
DT midi thru —> 303 midi in


Would this still allow the DT to send the clock and program changes to the DN?

I think you would have to set the DT as the master as the Keystep can’t send PC messages.