Midi Help?

Hi there folks,

Hope you are all doing great? Loving my Elektron gear and quite new to things.

have looked at the manual but I’m wondering a couple of things about the midi side of the analog keys?

Can I address the 4 different tracks with different midi (i.e. different melodies) and also can I use program changes to change the sound of individual tracks?

BTW, I’m also looking for a way to automate program changes in Ableton If anyone has any thoughts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks M

that (midi program change) will change patterns
in the manual it explains that kits are tied to patterns, this is an elementary aspect to the elektron system - you don’t change sounds in that way.
if the manual seems dry, try browsing the forum (and googling it), it’s full of great contributions and that will accelerate your learning

Hi there so does this means that live to change the sounds and the pattern I would need to change the kit?

as avantronica mentioned, the kits are tied to the pattern(s) and with program change (PC) you will change pattern on the A4, meaning that the kit assigned to that pattern will also change. if you want to have different sounds for different patterns you’ll need to create different kits that will then be ‘connected’ to the patterns you’ll be playing.
an alternative could be to use p-locks (check this in the manual as well) for those kits where you aren’t going to change much but say only change some aspects of a sound on specific steps…

^ what he said - you need to look at the structure
sounds can live on their own
kits contain sounds that become frozen in - you can store kits
patterns need kits (they reference a kit number only)
you may change patterns via prg change (not kits or sounds)
this is in the manual and explained on here thousands of times + 1
:sob: sorry to be ratty, but even though it’s newish to you, i’d kinda set the stall out already - it really is worth reading and browsing, except the repeated threads covering old basic ground

to answer the question - it only really makes sense once you’ve grasped the basics - you can change kits to change the sounds, or you can load sounds into the kit, but that will kinda change the kit and may have consequences - thus understanding the basic architecture, especially when it comes to saving etc - best to experiment a lot (or read) in order to avoid losing valuable stuff further down the line due to misunderstanding