Midi in and out from medusa

I’m trying to:
medusa > midi out > ot midi in
ot > midi out > medusa
medusa audio out > ot ab

So that I can play on the medusa, record the midi un-quantized on the OT, which play back on the medusa.

I also want to be able to change to channel 9 (from the OT) so that I can play the extra analog synth on the Medusa when I’m on the FM extra mode, which normally would need an external controller.

I am not getting much results yet, but I’ve only tried it today. It should be possible right? It won’t create a weird looping from the ot > medusa > ot > medusa type of bug?

Does Medusa have a “Local Off/On” setting? If it does, set it to off. This will disengage the keys/pads from directly controlling the sound engine.

Set Medusa to send MIDI on a channel of your choice: e.g. 1. If Medusa can receive on two channels, for the two engines, set that 2nd channel up (e.g. 9).
Set OT’s “auto-channel” to match the Medusa’s channel.
Set the OT MIDI Tracks to the MIDI channels you want to use (e.g. 1 and 9)).

I usually turn off the MIDI channels for the OT’s audio tracks, but if you don’t have channel number collisions you shouldn’t need to do this.

I’ve probably missed something.

When MIDI mode is toggled on the OT, selecting a MIDI Track should now make the OT pass the messages back to the Medusa. Turning “Local Off” stops the Medusa doubling up the notes or getting messages it can’t process.

Some synths (e.g. Novation BassStation v1) don’t have Local Off/On. Instead they have separate Send and Receive channels. Setting them differently works similarly to Local Off, but you need to remember the channels, and it means you lose the use of one of those channels somewhere else in your set-up.

The OT has some rules about how it behaves if MIDI Tracks and Audio Tracks use the same MIDI channel. It’s worth reading the manual if you use this channel config and are having issues.


Yep the medusa as local off, which is really great. It can also have different midi channel for different oscillator, so I can divide in 6 different monophonic instrument playing different melody.

I can also play the FM 6 notes polyphony + a monophonic 3 analog oscillator, so having it mapped to the OT is really really sweet, as I can record the midi as well as using pickup machine… It’s kind of crazy actually all the possibilities at this point… still figuring out how to take it all in!

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