Midi initialization for Digitakt?


Ive been wondering if its possible to have channels and CC knobs initialize the same way every time with a new patch or project. Is there an init template that i can save over or something? Ive been racking my brains and read the manual, and dug around on the machine to no avail.

I’m really tired of having to re map all of the midi channels and CCs every time i start a new pattern.

Any help would be great.



I think someone mentioned you could copy and paste midi setting across patterns in another thread. But currently there doesn’t seem to be a set way to save as like a preset

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Thank you, although not ideal, that helps a ton.

I think you can save a project with midi setup and pattern A1 with your channels and CC’s mapped, as a template? Then project Save As to new projects as desired. Copy and paste pattern A1 as a “kit” of sorts with your midi track settings.


this is what i do…i have patterns a1-a4 with a variety of midi settings…whenever i’m ready to start a new song, i just copy/paste it over to where i’m working.

i’m hoping for a more streamlined way of copying/pasting settings from one pattern to another in a future OS update.