Midi joystick / Analog Four scales : GusGus gear/method

I’m looking for a way to recreate what Biggy Veira from GusGus is doing on his Doepfer modular system. It’s heard across most of their music but particularly in the album 24/7 and maybe mostly in the songs On The Job and Add This Song (the extended version).

Basically, he uses a joystick (two of them actually) to modulate the pitch of an oscillator relative to its base, if that makes sense. If the midi note is C for that trig, the sound is C + whatever value the joystick provides.

However another essential part of the trick is - the joystick values do not glide smoothly but they jump from set value to set value (I think 3rd, 5th, 7th notes) across a musical scale (major, minor etc.)

I once managed to achieve a similar effect with Digitone, assigning keystep’s modwheel to ratio. It worked because Digitone’s FM ratios are set values, rather than free flowing, if you know what I mean.

But can I achieve something similar with a midi joystick controller (and where to find one) and Analog Four?

And if not, what’s my best bet that doesn’t involve building a eurorack?

Any comment is appreciated.
Sorry if the terminology is off some places, English is my second language.

In the modular world this feature is simply done by using a scale quantizer module to restrict the continuous output of the joystick (cv signal) to a fixed number of values.

There is nothing like this in the A4. I guess an external MIDI processor could accomplish this task (add quantized values to notes depending on the last CC value from the joystick).


Arduino would probably be cheapest, but you would have to program it, not too difficult if you have the patience, you can buy a cheap joystick, a midi shield and the Arduino clone for probably about €|$|£40.

There is a midi library and mapping functions which when combined could do the job.


Have you tried a midi CC to note converter plugin? Not sure if there is one that allows to set custom range/scale quantization, though.

Probaply can be done in Reaper (Reascript) and Ableton Live (Max4Live), maybe also in Reaktor???