MIDI Keybaord & Machinedrum

Hello ppl,

Could you please help to connect my keystep arturia to md ? cant figure out from global menu how to set up MIDI IN to desired channel…it plays all the channels together…

That’s how the machine works. Midi is split across 4 channels. All sounds are played with midi notes- you can only adjust pitch through cc value


True for CCs, but for notes it’s only for midi output, for midi input it accepts Base Channel or any of the 3 next channels if you want to play the 16 notes corresponding to tracks / machines.

Default is 1-4 (Channels 1, 2, 3, 4), and notes are C2, D2, E2, F2, G2, A2, B2, C3, D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4, D4 (IIRC).


I have one string sample in M2 track and want to play it through the keyboard

Not possible unless you assign that sample to several tracks. No chromatic mode unfortunately.
Other possibility : use a midi processor to map pitch CC from midi notes.


thanks Sezare, do you know if thats possible with OT though?

Thanks @Ryan first! :slight_smile:

Yes, on +/- 1 octaves with OT*
I guess +/- 2 octaves with AR / DT / MS.

There are more appropriate polyphonic samplers for that purpose, such as MPCs, many others…
(I have an MPC500 I don’t use much)
The Beatsqueezer seems really interesting.

*More with slices, but you have to use OT trigs or external midi + midi processor.


thank you both :slight_smile:
i m actually leaving for a 2 month trip so must decide between MD or OT to carry with me

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Both without the Keystep! :stuck_out_tongue:

With OT you can prepare 64 sliced notes you can play in slice mode.