Midi Keyboard Controller Recommendations


I’ve just received my Digitone (fantastic!) as a companion to my 'takt and OTmk2…

I’ve been working with eurorack and other eclectic electronic instruments (Ciat Lonbarde anyone?) and my approach to all has been MIDI free so far… but that needs to change…

But, I watched a recent video by loopop where the possibilities/advantages of an external MIDI controller became apparent to me…

So, I’m in the market for a MIDI controller and seek the recommendations of the experienced in the community.

My current requirements are:

1: Integrate directly with Elektron hardware (eg - a standalone controller that is not dependent a usb connection to a computer…). I will most likely get a midi/cv interface module for my eurorack in the future…
2: 25 -29 keys with mod wheel and pitchbend, aftertouch, and velocity
3: Compact form factor
4: MIDI in/out/

Any recommendations? The Arturia Keystep seems a candidate (whenever they become available again…).

Thanks in advance for any who share…

I’ve been eyeing the Xkey family of controllers from CME, particularly because they are some of the only keyboards that support polyphonic aftertouch. They’re slim mini-USB, but there’s an included breakout cable with traditional 5-pin MIDI.

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Thank you… I’ll have a look.

I’ve been sniffing about the internet… I like the look of the Roli Searise, but it seems more of a software controller and less hardware. A pity, as it seems to offer a lot of touch control possibilities. I have left software aside for some years now as far as sound creation - the physicality of hardware is where it is at for me nowadays.


That Ciat Lonbarde stuff is wild. You seem have to have a pretty big budget, and not be a pianist. I recommend a Linnstrument

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Yeah, I’m not a keyboardist (I don’t count 2 years of squeezing an accordion when I was a little kid… "…play “Somewhere My Love”… ", ugh).

I’ll have a look at the Linnstrument, but I would like to keep the price down ($1K is a bit steep for me now, that puts it in competition with the Waldorf wb37…).

Ciat Lonbarde instruments are absolutely nuts (in a good way). I love how they can be transformed into so many “instruments” by the design of the patching…

For its price mark the Keystep is definitely a winner. It’s my on-the-go controller due to its size and fits well with the Elektron machines. It even has CV/Gate-Out for a quick jam.


The novation RemoteSL are really nice. Completely programmable on the unit, 2 midi outs, well build. Have mine for ages now and does not degrade. You can add a foot pedal and it ghar a touchpad for x x2 y y2 operations.
Cheap when used.

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