Midi keyboard didn’t response

Hi everyone! Here a new user ok the A4. I have Digitakt and octa

I just switch the a4 and connect a midi keyboard and the midi keyboard make sound, but when I record on step by step. Pushing a button on the grid and without stop to push I enter a note with the midi keyboard but then the a4 don’t recognize. But if I push rec and play for live recording work the midi keyboard works perfectly , it’s something that I’m missing?

Thanks guys :two_hearts:

Look into using the A4 auto channel.

If an external keyboard is set to the A4’s auto channel it ostensibly acts as if it was the onboard one. So whilst you can play tracks using the track midi channel, to get all the features you should use the auto channel for your external keyboard, not a track channel. Everything is quicker that way as you don’t need to change channels on the ext kbd

Thanks it works

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