Midi lag when in overbridge on synths

Hey when I am programming synths whilst on my Mac through my Digitakt. I am not receiving the same timing as when first heard. its fine when sequencing those synthesisers through external audio, I just change the hardware latency but when I try the Digitakt whilst operating overbridge at the same time I get lag.

any ideas on solutions ?


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This is expected behavior since for the overbridge plugin there is round trip information (from plugin to DT and from DT to plugin). The plug-in latency should be about 25ms.

Make sure latency compensation is activated in your DAW. But if you want to record live with low latency, use DT as an audio interface and stream the audio through an audio channel directly into your DAW.

Hope this helps!

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With Ableton don’t use direct monitoring while recording. You can use another audio track for monitoring, but the recording one should be to “off”, then no lag.

thanks guys will try this out.