MIDI learn


having a bit of a time trying to get the an A4 MK1 and OT MK2 to cooperate. all OS are up to date. nothing happens when trying to get the OT to learn the midi from the A4. inputing the proper midi parameters works fine manually on the OT. also turbo speed on the A4 won’t sync either.


First, notes of caution:

  • I have never seen a use case for the MIDI learn function that was easier than manually entering the CC message numbers in the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks;
  • I have never seen a benefit for Turbo MIDI beyond sending samples between units.

Second, troubleshooting your issues:

  • what MIDI channels have you set for each of the OT’s audio tracks and each of its MIDI tracks?
  • what MIDI connections have you made between the two units?
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Thanks Peter! I fixed the midi and audio tracks in the OT.

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