Midi LFO in song mode with Digitakt

I’ve searched around but I still don’t properly get it, or at least how to solve it.
I’m sequencing an external synth. I’m using song mode to chain some patterns. I modulate cutoff and resonance over Midi, using CC’s (this works) on separate tracks from the notes (sequenced notes on 9 and 10, CC LFO’s on 11 and 12).

Problem is those midi LFO’s jump around between song parts.
I would like the intro to build the note sequence up (sweep cutoff, no LFO), then run the notes for a few bars without LFO, then start the LFO (at the base value, no jumping), and have it continue between repeated bars, then ideally stop/fade the LFO again. I’m trying to do this by having the midi LFO at 0 depth, but setting trigless trigs at the proper depths, so it can work with muting, but i’m not sure i’ve understood this concept right.

I think running the LFO’s in FRE mode is causing this jumping issue, as suddenly increasing the LFO depth will jump to whatever depth the LFO is at that moment, not tied to the song progress in any way. Should I use TRG LFO mode? How do I ensure it continues between bars then?

Can somebody who’s very good at this, untangle it for my brain?

You can try TRG lfo, setting LFO.T to ON on the trig concerned by DEPTH change, OFF for the others.

The lfo has to start from 0 when triggered (middle position, with a dot). You can set Phase if necessary.

Let me know if thats not clear enough, I’m not with the DT right now.

Please give your lfo settings, patterns length to give it a try.


Yes, sounds like you’re almost there. What about putting a trig with free-running LFO set with a FADE late in the sequence?

Another troubleshooting tip that tripped me up in the past: MIDI LFOs will keep running when their track is muted…

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I didn’t think about fades, would be interesting at the beginning and the end of the pattern…

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Thanks all. It’s such a hassle to manage, i ended up just doing it manually haha. I think i nearly cracked it but the hard part is with song mode and having many different patterns.