Midi loop

A question on the Midi tracks.
Is it possible to loop the MIDI IN / OUT Digitone for more flexibility ? Typical example: kick on time on a synth track and HitHat in another time via a MIDI track on the same synth track as the Kick ? Which would (in theory) trigger the kick and the HH by mute or not one of these tracks … I hope I was clear …
Your opinion?
(Sorry for my english)

yes, a MIDI loopback should certainly be possible, just a matter of correct MIDI configuration (preventing MIDI feedback).

However, your use case example sounds a bit vague - care to elaborate? Could you not just use soundlocks for alternating the kick and snare on a single track?

The idea would be to mutate or not mutate notes of a single track.
Synth internal track, kick in 1 - 5 - 9 - 13
Midi track HH in 3 - 7 - 11 - 15
No change patern, juste mute, more flexibility…

You should just use plocks or sound locks for that, no need to use a midi loop. The ability to have different sounds per step is one of the main features of the elektron sequencer

Ok ! Is good :wink: