Midi Merge - Clock from Cirklon and Midi out from AK joined to drive the OT?

Hi gang - I was fortunate enough to get a deal on a Cirklon and now want to use the sequencer power of the Octatrack as well as that of the Cirklon to creat a mobius strip strong enough to tear apart the strong and weak nuclear forces and undo the universe.

Has anyone used a midi merge box in this way: I could send midi clock from the cirklon through an Analog Keys and the midi out of the analog keys so I can use the AK to play into the OT but it would still sync with the OT?

I’m just worried it may create a midi loop or cause wonkiness in the OT and there fore be a silly reason to drop 70 bux on a merge box.

Any input would be appreciated!

Your approach is likely to work.

However, depending on what other gear you are using and what role you want each instrument to play, you can get away without a MIDI merger.
What about:
AK MIDI Out to Cirklon MIDI In 1
Cirklon MIDI Out 1 to AK MIDI In
Cirklon MIDI Out 2 to OT MIDI In

The AK would be your master keyboard; Cirklon controls the routing and clock; AK and OT can be played by AK keyboard or run their own sequences.

Thank you so much for your reply Peter. I think that might work to drive the OT, but maybe I wasn’t clear about this - one thing that I have found to be amazing is to actually use the OT midi tools (arp especially) to then record into the Cirklon. As I’m sure you know, the arp on the AK doesn’t output to midi, however this is one of my favorite things about the OT.

But I will definitely try it and report back.


So add:
OT MIDI Out to Cirklon MIDI In 2.

Good point, but my concern is that there would be a conflict between the AK midi out and OT midi out, but I suppose that would be the case if I used a merge box too.

Again, definitely worth trying. You’re the best Peter for thinking this through!

The Cirklon is designed to be the hub of a complex MIDI setup and so has sophisticated MIDI configuration options; the details are given in Chapter 7 of its manual and you can easily accomplish what you want with no extra equipment required.

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So I’m guessing you own a Cirklon? Clearly I’m still in the early stages of learning it and you are quite and efficient guide.

You have my sincerest gratitude sir! LOVE this community :blush:


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