Midi notes not as I recorded. Noob

Something strange seems to be happening. I did try searching only I couldn’t find my answer.


Basically, when I record midi notes with external or internal keys they record but play differently?

They play in the same place but trigger notes in some sort of chromatic way that differ to what I played. Not what I recorded. It’s interesting what it does but it’s not what I want it to do and I would like to understand why this is happening.

I want to record and it to play what I record.

Only got the OT last weekend and I’ve not read all the manual and Merlin’ Thoughts yet. I know it’s highly advised, I just want to get familiar with the unit before I read them so it sinks in better. I’ve used the sampler to record samples etc. I just wanted to hook up some midi to play with it and I’m stumped why this action is happing?

I hope it’s a simple setting And a total noob thing :man_shrugging:

Please help.

Do you have the arpeggiator turned on by chance? o.0

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You should check to make sure you haven’t changed a note value on the AMP or SRC (i believe) MIDI page. Sorry I’m not in front of one to verify, but look for the NOT values. Additionally if you are looking to do polyphonic MIDI with overlapping notes, the OT does not implement note overlap unless you do a workaround with other midi tracks. Honestly it was a very frustrating limitation I found very early on.


No, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Plus not gone there yet, I did just look, it was 8 length 8 green trigs by default. Green trig lights relate to arpeggiator I’m assuming? Is that on or off?


You can tell whether it is on or off on the 1st arp page. The top right encoder should read OFF. Anything else in this spot means your arpeggiator is on.

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The NOT2 3 and 4 are all 0

The NOTE not sure if it’s that. If it is it’s confusing me as I’ve not manually changed it on each Trig. I am recording live on keyboard. And only the same note every 4 trigs. I was only testing one note and it changes. Strange?

If I input them manually it doesn’t do it. If I use the keys on the OT or the keystep it does.

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Thanks, it was the midi LFO.

Hopefully it’s resolved by that. I did just record and it’s ok.


Now I will make positive from that and go into midi LFO.



Thanks for that tip.

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Anytime! :+1:

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