MIDI On Digitakt breaking my heart, looking for help

Hi everyone, hope your well. I am trying for the second time to make friends with my digitakt in order to build a small live set. I am currently trying to record midi from bitwig into my digitakt, 4 separate clips into 4 different patterns on the digi.
I’m recording into the first pattern unquantified and so far so good, but when I go to the next pattern it either copies over the previous pattern in which case I clear track or delete the trigs that were incorrectly copied but this clears the previous pattern thus I’m back to the beginning.
It’s like all the different midi patterns are intrinsically linked.
Other times I get as far as pattern 3 and it all goes to shit again after nailing th previous 2 patterns.
I have already spent waaay to long on what should be a simple task.
Would any kind soul be able to point me in the right direction before I bring mr lump hammer to the party.
Hope that all makes sense.
Thanks, G.

The patterns on bitwig you are attempting to copy over? Or the copies on the digitakt?

It isn’t very clear from your writing exactly what is happening.

I’m guessing that in order to copy your midi patterns onto the digitakt you have the digitakt set to record midi information, and that all of your channels in bitwig match the channels on the digitakt you want to record to.
Are you chaining patterns together on the DT in order to record multiple patterns from bitwig? Are you accidentally recording program chang messages?

Or are you confusing track and pattern? Maybe you are recording to the auto channel, affecting any other channel you currently select on the DT?


Hi Aksdnt,
Thanks so much for getting back to me.
So just to clarify, I have 4 separate clips in bitwig that I am trying to record into 4 separate patterns in the Digitakt.
I am using the auto channel (Ch16) to record into each pattern. This works fine for the first pattern, but when I select the second pattern, it copies over the triggs from the first pattern.
So then I clear track to clear the triggs on that second pattern but this clears the triggs from the first pattern.
Im probably wrong, but I thought if I use clear pattern instead of clear track I will wipe all tracks for that particular pattern?
I am not using any chaining.
I hope I have not confused the issue more.
Many thanks, G.

It sounds to me like you are confusing tracks and patterns. I dont want to assume that though. Are you very new to digitakt? If so maybe check the manual.
There isn’t a way to automatically copy one pattern to the next without hitting a series of buttons.
How many instruments or channels are you copying at once?
I have a feeling that auto channel has something to do with this

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What happens on the Digitakt if you play the Bitwig patterns one after another, without trying to record into the DT?

Maybe you have Program Change messages in Bitwig, and on each Bitwig pattern they are the same Program Change. This could cause the Digitakt to switch to a different pattern (e.g. the first one) whenever you press play in Bitwig.


  • turn off PRGM CHNG RECV in Digitakt’s MIDI Sync settings
  • engaging a chain of all four patterns, so you can record all four in one pass
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Hey guys, thanks a million for the replies they have helped me understand the process much more.
Part of my issue was when I was changing patterns I wasn’t allowing the Digitakt the time to get through the 64 steps before actually changing.
I was almost certainly confused between tracks and patterns also.
Regarding your suggestion to record into chain of four patterns, could you possibly expand on that idea, it sounds very helpfull and timesaving.
Thanks, G.


I believe that if you make a chain of patterns you can live record(maybe grid record too)while it cycles through them if that’s helpful.