Midi over USB issues

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with my midi over usb. When connected via MIDI, everything acts normal as far as ports go. As soon as I connect via USB with overbridge the MIDI doesn’t act as normal. For instance, the ports seem to default to channels 1-8 controlling tracks 1-8, even though I have them turned off. Then it does some weird stuff with the auto channel, or the auto channel won’t even work. This happens with multiple devices over USB but they work fine over MIDI.

I’m running the latest firmware update on the DT. Tried this both in a DAW or just the standalone Overbridge software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t know if I understood the problem correctly but here are some ideas:

If you are using Overbridge, have you turned off sending/receiving via MIDI on the Digitakt? Otherwise you might have midi-loop problems.
On other devices there is often a “local control” setting to avoid this.
Settings → Midi-Config → Sync

Are your channel settings in DT correct? Settings → Midi-config → Channels?
Do you want to control your Digitakt via Midi at all? Otherwise you can turn everything off.

Do you want to receive only audio or also midi via overbridge? Otherwise you can select in the Overbridge plug-in that you don’t want to sync the DT… (Switching off via the DAW is not sufficient).

Maybe it helps…

Port setup:

  • Tracks 1-8 is setup as Midi Channel 1-8
  • Auto-Channel setup as channel 14
  • All else is disabled

Port Config:

  • Turbo Speed: off
  • Out Port Func: MIDI
  • Thru Port Func: MIDI
  • Input from: MIDI+USB
  • Output to: MIDI+USB
  • Output CH: Auto CH
  • Param output: CC
  • Encoder Dest: Int
  • Trig Key Dest: Int
  • Mute Dest: Int
  • Receive Notes: ON
  • Receive CC/NRPN: ON

What works, MIDI direct to DT from my Keystep:

  • Select channels 1-8 and play the keystep, it plays the right channel
  • Select channel 14 and I can select the track I want to play on the DT
  • This is the normal behaviour that I’ve always been able to use

What doesn’t work (Overbridge Digitakt standalone software):

  • With the Digitakt standalone software with overbridge tracks 1-8 can be selected and played as normal.
  • Auto-channel doesn’t work at all
  • This is with the MIDI cable disconnected and the USB cable connected to my Keystep.

What doesn’t work with Ableton (Overbridge Digitakt VST):

  • Select any channel 1-8, it only plays track 1.
  • Select auto-channel 14, it doesn’t work at all.

For all of the above I’ve left the settings the same.

I’m going to try the previous firmware and see if it’s the same because I was able to use Overbridge as I expected it before the new firmware.