MIDI Polyphony? - Octatrack vs Digitakt

Hi there,
I’m new to the forum, but I’m currently on the hunt for either a used OT MKI or new Digitakt.

As far as MIDI polyphony, I heard from Cuckoo’s workflow comparison video that DT handles midi polyphony much better, allowing for chords that build up note by note, instead of being forced to put all 2-3-4 notes on the same trigger.

Is there any chance to implement the same “true four note polyphony” in the Octatrack midi sequencer?

That would be a major firmware update IMHO, since I’m planning to use the OT along with my DSI Tetra poly synth.

Cheers from Italy

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I wouldn’t expect anything soon, if I’m being honest.

Elektron has quite a bit on their plate at the minute with both the DT/DN and the Mk2 units suffering from serious problems - they are presumably the current priority. Overbridge is also in the pipeline and is likely taking up a lot of Elektron’s time right now.

I would recommend a DT over an OT for a number of reasons, but I might be slightly biased as I value UI and the ‘fun’ factor over depth and capabilities.