Midi randomize


I have a question. I am growing quite interested in sound design lately and it seems that my A4 is a perfect tool for exploring new sounds and textures.

The A4 sound randomizer utility that I acquired from this forum helps me a lot getting new unique sounds and possibilities, however I’d like to get things into the next level - hence I’m asking if there’s anything like a MIDI randomizer utility that would randomize notes and parameter locks of the various steps of sequencer? Like that, I could randomize sequencer notes and then work on the results that I’d like.

Is there anything like that available? Or is there a way how to do it via A4 being hooked up to Ableton Live?

Thanks a milion.



hey! I posted this same thread about a month back. The fellow who makes Strom and I beleive some others who have made sound randomizers for a4 replied. The consensus seems to be such a thing does not exist for patterns for a4. I would love something like this!

A4Randomize :slight_smile: