Midi Setup - iPad, UMC404HD, DT, Ultranova


I feel like I am making this way more complicated than it needs to be, so any suggestions welcomed on my midi setup (audio part works spot on)

I have iPad going into to a Behringer UMC404HD via CCK. The UMC404HD only has midi in & out. Both DT and Ultranova have in, out and thru.

Basically I want DT & Ultranova to send & receive midi with each other AND both also send midi to the iPad. Oh - and the iPad to send midi to the Ultranova. Here’s a diagram, but it ends up looking like spaghetti every time I try to figure it out -

Anyone with a similar setup? Would Y cables help?


If the ipad is ALWAYS involved i would suggest to get a usb hub and connect the ultranova, the behringer and the digitakt to the hub—> cck—>ipad. So you obtain bidirectional midi on each device with just one cable and you can route everything to everything on the ipad, for example with audiobus or AUM. No 5 pin din midi needed

I was thinking usb hub, but I had read that can introduce audio issues (with behringer audio interfaces at least) and also the Ultranova does not want to talk to the ipad via usb.

Going to have another play tonight…

Oh sorry, i was sure the ultranova had a class compliant usb midi mode

Solved my dilemma with a couple of these little fellas -

Ultranova sends to and receives from both DT and iPad and everyone’s getting along nicely now. Happy days.

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