MIDI setup to sequence with Digitakt

I don’t suppose there is any kind soul out there that would be willing to help me setup my Digitakt to sequence my old Yamaha SU10 sampler? I tried every setting I could think of and nothing worked. The manual for the SU10 is linked below. The midi on it is super basic.

The closet I got to anything at all was when I connected both in and out midi cables, the SU10 did play the sample on the Digitakt track one chromatically, which is not at all what I want to do, but at least it was something. Haha.

I plan on trying to dive back into this tomorrow after work, so I may not be able to try out suggestions immediately, but I will be putting in some time with the machine this weekend.

don’t connect the two up bidirectionally, just plug the Digitakt MIDI OUT to SU10 MIDI IN.

But the real issue is, why are you hanging on to the SU10 at all? Digitakt covers every major function of SU10. Why not trade SU10 for an interesting toy keyboard, cassette player, cheap effect pedal? something which gives you more interesting samples to put into DT? :panda:

Give your Su10… (my first sampler, I absolutely don’t regret).

Gritty drums. It has a nice lo-fi 90’s sound to it. I love the little guy. It just needs a competent sequencer. It also has multiple choke groups, so you can do some MPC style stuff that I’m not 100% sure the Digitakt can easily do. It also adds four more sample voices, and I can see myself needing those with only 8 voices on the Digitakt.

Anyway, back to the problem. I’ve tried the Out to the In. I only tried both cables out of despiration in hopes that the full midi handshake would do the trick. Nothing.

I’ve tried the settings on Page 60 of the Digitakt manual and nothing. I’ve tried setting the Yamaha to a variety of midi channels and assigning the same channel on the Digitakt. Nothing. :frowning:

Off topic and not my video but this guy does some nice D&B with one:


I have plenty of stuff to feed the Digitakt. Just need to get the battle station fully operational. :wink:

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OK, I’m making some progress, but not quite there.

I figured out that the midi notes on the SU10 do not correspond to the same notes on the Digitakt. After finding the notes, I can step sequence them into the Digitakt.

I can also play the samples using chromatic mode on the Digitakt. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the note to record to the sequencer when playing the pads on the SU10 itself or using chromatic mode on the Digitakt. I’m not sure if this is something I’m doing wrong or if it’s a bug.

Often recording into the sequencer externally will only be accomplished on the Auto Channel on other devices iirc

Also -check you don’t have a transpose offset when midi notes don’t seem to align … if the sequencer is similar to the OT one it may have scale correction and transpose (set that to 0)

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anyone has a quick tutorrial: all tracks (als othe audio tracks) send out notevalues to my connected A-01, and cant get chromatic notes

  • the DIGITAKT freezes randomly after a while, when messign with a midi track

Cheers. I’ll look into this.

I’m so close to getting this I can taste it. I need to figure out how to engage the record function while in chromatic mode. It doesn’t seem to want to let me arm the record for some reason. I somehow got it to work once, but have no idea how I did it and I can’t repeat it. It’s driving me nuts. Lol.

I made some progress with the DT’s midi sequencing.

I’m stuck right now with a one octave range. I’m slaving the AK to the DT but need a larger note range to accomodate the 37 keys.

I’m also trying to record midi notes into the DT via external midi controller and it’s not working.

Any ideas?

I am probably the worst person to answer since I’ve been struggling with my own midi issues the last day or so, but one question, are you using the chromatic mode on the DT to play the AK? If so, the arrow keys change octaves.

You might have really helped, thank you.

Now I just need to figure out how to use a midi controller instead of the trigs.

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Glad all the time I spent on this was beneficial to others as well, it seems less wasted. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you figure out how to sequence in from the external controller. I’ve had a rough time getting up and going on midi. I’m beginning to think I might spend some time on other stuff and hope that a new firmware gets released soon with some bug fixes before I go much further down the rabbit hole.

Yes, using the up and down arrows works, thanks