MIDI Setup - UC-33e

I am trying to set up the UC-33e to control the DT with MIDI. I have tried to set up using the 1.06 manual (with 1.06 FW). Parameters were Track Level, Pan, Delay Send, and Reverb Send. For Track Level, I see it affecting the Amp Volume. For Pan, all good. For Delay Send and Reverb Send, it is doing nothing. Has anyone gotten this up and running successfully?

No I have the same issue. I filed a big report last night.

What I did notice though was that the fx control actually works perfectly for projects created on os 1.04

I am using a faderfox. Midi control of digitakt is amazing.

i’ve got this working last night.
No special settings used. Per track Delay send and Reverb working fine on 1.06

Settings used on the UC 33e
Assigned fader to Channel 1 ( for digitakt track 1)
Assigned MIDI CC 82( delay) of 83 ( Reverb) to fader
set MRSP to 127.

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