MIDI sync hardware to my DAW

I’m in the process of putting together my first DAW (Logic Pro on either a new Mac Mini or new MBP).

How would I go about MIDI syncing my external hardware to my DAW - is it as simple as running a USB cable from my Mac out to my hardware, or do I need a hub of some sort? I’ve read that USB MIDI won’t pass through the normal 5 pin MIDI cable. I normally run my AR2 as master and sync my A4 via 5 pin MIDI.

Explain it to me as if I’m a newbie, because when it comes to DAW’s/interfaces, I am.

I can’t say about the USB to MIDI but since you mention interfaces, does yours happen to have a 5 pin MIDI out?
I use that to send clock to my OT from my DAW when needed, which in turn clocks the rest of my hardware. It was pretty straightforward to configure an I never experienced any sync issue that way.

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I’m leaning towards buying a Lynx Aurora (N) 8 as my interface. It doesn’t have a MIDI interface on it.

That’s a fantastic audio interface!
I’ll let someone else chime in regarding the usb to midi as I never tried that, but if that doesn’t work out directly there would be the option of a midi interface receiving MIDI through USB and sending it via 5 pin or a simple adapter.

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It is correct: you cant just connect an usb midi signal into a midi din, you need something in between. What most people do is to connect a keyboard with usb midi in and use the midi thru of it to send signal to other devices.
Another option is to use midi hub that transform usb midi into regular midi or gate/cv.
I’m talking about this:


If you’re going to spend that much on an interface, would you not be better getting one with MIDI? I highly recommend the Focusrite Clarett 8pre. I have the Thunderbolt one. Makes everything sound great. Loads of inputs and outputs, decent software.

What hardware are you using? Anything beyond the AR and A4?

Because I want top notch conversion mainly, and most top of the line converters (Prism/Lynx/Burl) don’t have MIDI on them (unfortunately).

Also using a Moog Minimoog Model D, & Moog Minitaur. I have a bunch of other Roland hardware synths too.

I understand. I’m sure you’re aware but just in case, the Clarett 8pre provides sound quality that is head and shoulders above the Scarlett range, and really does sound superb, especially considering the Air boost on each channel. My ears aren’t posh enough to discern between the Clarett converters and Prism/Lynx/Burl, but if I did, no doubt nothing else would do.

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