MIDI synchronization between my Digitakt and my iPad with different apps

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My first message here !

I have been trying for two days to synchronize my Digitakt with my iPad for use with the Synth One and Moog Model D apps. I am having some synchronization issues that I cannot resolve: on Model D only the BPM seems to be in sync with the DT, on Synth One no BPM, yet I manage to assign my differents knobs to commands on the app.

In both cases I don’t have the start & stop with the DT either, which causes me big sync problems …

With Garageband nothing seems to work too.

Here are my Midi settings on my DT, are checked: Clock send, transport send, and prog ch send.
USB Audio / Midi already checked and the OS it’s updated (1.20A) …

I have tried several combinations but to no avail. Could you help me ?

Thank you for your help (and sorry for my english…)

Are you trying to use Model D, Synth One and GarageBand all together?

In standalone, both of the synth apps can be sequenced from the Digitakt via midi track.

From GarageBand you can send midi clock out to the Digitakt.

You could load Model D and Synth One on their own tracks in GarageBand as External AU/IAA, then you could record your pattern/song and sync your Digitakt to GarageBand.

Currently, syncing AB3 to hardware clock and hosting AUv3 plugins there is the recommended iPad sync solution. It’s not perfect but it’s ok. Alternatively, AUM sending clock to hardware, or MIDI Link Sync clocked from hardware and syncing AUM via Ableton Link. ApeMatix can send and receive as well, but AB3 has offsets.

Thank you for your answer Kpucski,

I have tried using the app one by one, quitting the other app each time. While searching I actually saw that I could play Synth One and Model D from Garageband on the iPad.

However, in all of these cases, I failed to sync the DT with the iPad. What settings should I put on the DT? Do you have to change anything in Garageband? (I don’t see the DT appearing in the instruments from the garageband application).

Thank you.

Hello Dreamsaremaps, thank you for your response.

I did not understand your answer completely. Namely, I don’t use a computer, just a DT with an iPad (and a TB3 which isn’t a problem). There are plugins to install on the iPad?


AUM and AudioBus 3 are AUv3 host environments that can sync to the Digitakt. The synths run inside the host so everything plays back in time. I don’t know if GarageBand has midi sync. It sorta depends on what you want to be ‘in time’ on the iPad? For me, I want everything in time, so I sync a Host (think DAW Mixer) so that everything within that Host is in time. No there are no Elektron iOS plugins, and unlike overbridge, you only get stereo in/out.

If you go into the GarageBand settings, the gear icon, click on Advanced and check Midi Sync out. On Digitakt you need to Receive clock.

It will only sync your Digitakt to Start playing when you push play on GarageBand.

SynthOne doesn’t sync to external MIDI tempos, period. Which is really hard to believe, but there you go. Here’s the open feature request from about 2 years ago: https://github.com/AudioKit/AudioKitSynthOne/issues/12

Oh yes, it works well in that sense!
Not ideal for me but better than nothing :wink:

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Yes indeed … I could always search without finding anything as a solution. I hope it will come one day, the app looks good.

When trying to use the iPad with the Digitakt, I was annoyed to have the Digitakt slaved to some iPad app, didn’t feel right.

I found an app that accepts MIDI sync IN and generates tempo over Ableton Link, worked for me. Some apps support start/stop transport via Link, some don’t, but the tempo and clock are correct.

That’s the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/midi-link-sync/id1071048493