Midi thru config

help infernal midi configuration
We have several pots configured as follows.
Mac usb rytm
rytm midi out to octa midi in
octa midi out to evolver midi in
evolver midi thru to modular midi in
Up here all right, I sent clock by usb to the rytm
and sequenced with the octa now I want to send midi
from ableton to modular and evolver
I have tried several configurations but nothing
any idea how to do it …
sorry for the brick :slight_smile:

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Try rytm midi thru instead of out

change the title Infernal maybe thats the reason, it was haunted…or the octa or rytm goes thru maybe check your midi chain.

Nothing :frowning:

change the title Infernal maybe thats the reason, it was haunted…

sorry…. in what part of the chain is DSI Evolver? you can reset this guy with Reset + Osc 3 button

also check your midi cables

I can’t dig into your setup right now, but consider that for most devices unless they have a special midi echo feature, whatever goes into a midi in gets sent to the midi thru but not the out, and data originating from each device gets sent to the out but not the thru…

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Octa thru to evolver

Check if you connect the midi cable on the poly chain midi out on evolver, disconnect and reconnect your setup i just replace a faulty midi cable in some positions they work. hope that helps

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