Midi to CV communication issues

I’m wondering if anyone else is having similar problems.
I’m using the Polyend Poly 2 with RYTM to convert Midi to CV.

I’m having some trouble with octave offsets. The Poly 2 has an “octave offset” setting, which I usually keep at -2 octaves as it’s necessary for getting lowest range out of Plaits with my QuNexus. However with this setting I only seem to get a 3 octave range from the RYTM (less than -12 has no effect).

I’m also having some trouble with the gates not acting as they should. Sometimes gates sent from RYTM are cut shorter than they should be, other times longer.

I’m not posting in bugs because this could easily be an issue of midi protocol being different, but the Poly 2 seems to work well with other gear, so I’m wondering if anyone has similar experiences, workarounds/suggestions, or perhaps clarifications on how MIDI-cv functions and what are its inherent limitations.

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Try a 1 octave offset, this will get you the full four octave Max range from AR. Nothing odd should happen wrt gates and such, look at the midi output in a midi monitor or try a simple midi device to test the sequencing robustness with a different sound source, keep it simple first. Converting to CV could be problematic when the trig length is 100% step size it can lead to no low phase for the gate high, try a step length less than 100%. This comes up on A4 especially if there is midi clock jitter, the solution is to reduce trig length a bit from default

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I’m having a similar issue with Entropy Engine in cv conversion mode.

The AR mk1 pads all work with cv conversion on assigned channels, but the sequencer does not. It appears that gates are locking up, as the 1st channel fires and stays lit (indicator on Entropy Engine for each channel) and then the others do not. If I use the pads, the indicators for each midi channel light up in as you would expect.

Engine conversion works with multichannel midi from Logic, Ableton, keyboard and other midi devices with multiple channels perfectly. Again the pads work correctly, and are converted on the proper channels.

So it seems there could be something non-standard about the AR sequencer midi stream implementation, perhaps with the gates, making them fundamentally different from the pad gates.

Changing trig parameters does not fix the problem.

Also output ch for pads is set to track channel, and I even tried turning off auto, program change, and any pad channels I wasn’t using just in case they were interfering with midi stream somehow, but that didn’t help.

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