Midi to cv out

is there a way to plug a midi controller in midi in so I can send cv pitch to my modular with it (midi kbd) instead of using the mini keys on the A4???

Totally. You can give the CV track its own MIDI CH or just use the Auto channel and select the CV track. Send MIDI from controller on that channel.

You can play the A4 sounds this way too!

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Yay !
My A4 is gonna replace my Kenton Pro 2000. It’s just better.

thats what i’m doing , but my midi keyboard goes trough the mpc first . its cool cause i can sequence the a4 with the mpc too . and for the modular i can either record the musical data in the mpc or in the a4 or both .

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Thank’s it works like a charm.

On the other side my pitch bender doesn’t affect my cv pitch 1v/oct when I’m controlling my modular. The A4 voices are affected by the pitch bend but not my modular osc.

Is there a way to have polyphony as I’m sending CV A in pitch 1v/oct of osc 1 (pitsburgh synth block) and CV C 1v/oct of osc 2 (intellijel Dixie 2). It seems that my modular is only receiving one note - pitch cv. I think that the A4 can’t interpret which note of my midi controller is translated to CV A and which one is to CV C.

Maybe there’s something I don’t understand as I’m totally new to this modular thing.


Modular polyphony is possible. I made a post awhile back called CV Polyphony that details a bit better if you want to trawl back through, but basically you need to source your CV from poly enabled A4 tracks rather than the CV channel. ie poly enable tracks 1&2. CV A/B as pitch/gate from track 1, CV C/D as pitch gate from track 2. Send midi notes to either track 1 or 2 and it should work. Turn the volume down on those two tracks if you don’t want the A4 to sound as well.

You can also also run 3 oscillators through 1 VCA for modular chord/pad stuff.

bump, sry.

It works fine - just put the Gate and Pitch of one CV pair to one synth and the other to the other - make sure you configure the Pitch and Gate of one to come from Track1 source - and the other from Track 2 source
Then enable Poly on Track 1 and Track 2 , also assign different internal sounds on track 1,2 to hear the difference - now you don’t have to enable use track sounds in the poly config, but it helps hear that each successive internal note when u build up a chord is taken from 1, then 2 - this should also be evident when you bring in the external synths - they will follow this, to begin with, but obviously they are not polyphonic, so you won’t get polyphony - but the chord you play will be built from two different synth voices - both int and ext - but the a4 offers further potential than two single cv lines can produce
you could even use four external cv synths with open VCAs (or other gating method) by setting up 4 pitch tracks instead of 2 ! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to resurrect an olde thread here

I’d like to use my digitone as the sequencer into my a4 then out via cv to my as yet unbuilt Gilbert synth.Is this possible :thinking:

I guess, if you control A4’s CV track with corresponding midi channel from DN.
Channel 6 by default I suppose…

Cheers man I’ll try that when it is built :+1:

Does this trick work with any type of MIDI in? Could I for example have Fugue on iPhone sending MIDI to the A4 to be sent out as CV to a modular?

Whilst at the same time allowing clock in from Digitakt?

Thinking about it Fugue into and through DT with DT also sending a clock and then A4 using the clock and sending the rest of the MIDI to the CV out.

I now wonder why modular exists :sweat_smile:

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