I’m getting into EURORACK and recently acquired an OT.
I wanted to start exploring MIDI -> CV but there’s quite a lot of choice out there.

I had originally been set on the Intellijel 1u midi with expanders, since this supports I think up to 40 individual CV outputs (doubt I’ll ever go that high).

But more recently I’ve seen someone selling the polyend poly2 which seems to have some nice utility though takes up a decent amount of HP.
Then some others recommended the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control or the Squarp Hermod.

All of these look cool but it’s really hard to find a balance.

Anyone any experience with these? I like the idea of the utility from things like Poly2/hermod (especially things like quantizers), but then having the midi as 1u tiles just frees up 3u for utility so not sure the best way to go!

There are a lot of options because there are a lot of different needs and approaches for controlling modular with MIDI.

For example, will you be using all 8 tracks of the OT or only a few? Is your planned rig large enough to accommodate the Poly2 or Hermod or might they be a bit overkill? More importantly, from what I understand, Intellejel 1U tiles are extremely difficult to come by in these pandemic days, so that might also be something to consider.

People love pairing the Hexinverter Mutant Brain or CV.OCD to their OTs. These “small”, but versatile modules might be the better option until you know exactly what it is you’ll want to do with modular.

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Peterviously on Elektronauts TM

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