Midi to din sync

Anyone know of a way to use digitone to a din sync device? I saw a digitone synced up to a bastl kastl drum and the video says it’s a magic cable. But I haven’t been able to much info on it

It needs to be a specially (or fully) wired 5 pin 180 degrees DIN plug, the same type as MIDI but with the following pin out at least … and whatever the other device needs

Maybe you can make or buy

It’s not midi to din sync as per title

If not midi to din then what would it be called? And what would I need to make it?

Din Sync cable suggestions for Bastl Kastl I guess, depends on which format it has for the din sync support. If via din then you’ll be able to find a din sync cable fairly easily or a fully wired midi cable (not required by midi ) but may facilitate googling eBay

Din sync uses different pins to midi, if all five are wired in a lead then it can probably do both.

If you have no soldering iron and cable etc it would be infinitely simpler to buy, it shouldn’t be too tricky to source if the Bastl uses a common standard

The doepfer msy2 converts midi to din sync: MSY2 Info

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The Digitone supports sending DIN sync out of either MIDI Out or Thru, check the manual.

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Idk what cable I would need. I never knew this omg

Ahh I have an option! Thank u

Would this work?
Or could I use the elektron break out cable that comes with cycles/samples?

Do you have a link to the sync video? As you can use the audio in of the bastl kastl and route it to the internal clock, it might be possible that these devices were synced this way.

Nope - wrong pinout - as per first reply, the MIDI cables only use the central three pins - Din uses the central and outer pins

the screenshot isn’t any use either as it is female, you need male DIN to whatever the Bastl uses for sync - MIDI (or conversion of) is not a part of the equation


Maybe like this if teh Bastl doesn’t use a 5 pin DIN plug for sync

Eurorack Modular Cable - Convert Din Sync to Eurorack Clock Sync | eBay - then you can use regular modular patch cables


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He uses a midi to din converter Cable based on the ATtiny45:

Yeah I wish I could build one for myself :sob:

I ordered it!

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