Midi to sync pulse - still no good solution?

Hmm not really, looks like it converts to Dinsync and I need it converted to a simple 5v pulse. Nobody in arduinoland seems to have worked it out either to a dependable degree. Guess it’s truly rocket science!

I don’t know why TE hasn’t made it themselves but I guess if they did it it would cost $800.

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I too have been surprised that there’s no easy, cheap MIDI Clock -> trigger pulse option out there. Maybe because it would still need some tweakability (how many PPQN, complications re: MIDI Start message vs first clock pulse, …)

For true 5V pulses, I’ve used a TR-626. It’s nice that it has a dedicated trigger out mini-jack. And the trigger can be sequenced step-by-step. I imagine this is similar/identical to using the Korg SQ-1 or SQ-64.

I’ve also gone as far as using the Trackman expansion unit for the Atari ST, which has a clock pulse output. But… keeping an Atari ST setup for trigger pulse duties is a bit much. There’s also the A4 from :3lektron: and its trigger output … and I think I did use a Beatstep’s GATE signal as a trigger for a minute…?

That was all for the trigger input of my Matrix 6. For PO sync specifically, it’s nice that it can also sync to an audio sync pulse… I’ve used all kinds of samplers with more than just ‘stereo out’ to send the audio pulse to the Pocket Operators. S-760, W-30, even an Amiga 1200…

None of these are a simple, quick dedicated device for this purpose, but each does offer its own additional features/capabilities/possibilities when added to a setup…

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I’ll just leave this here:


That seems about right. Now if someone would just go ahead and make this physically exist for $20 I’d be happy, because I certainly don’t know how to make it.

Arduino code:


Now you do. :wink:
Have fun!

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