Midi to sync pulse - still no good solution?

Say I just wanted to easily sync a pocket operator to a model:samples.

Is there still nothing that can do that? Do I really have to buy a Korg Volca just to do this? Because all I want is some small simple device at a reasonable price but I can’t find anything at all…

I’m pretty sure this Doepfer thing will do what you want:


The first thing I thought of when I saw your post. Sync to “anything”. Any good ?

I suppose but it basically costs as much as a used Volca. I was thinking in the $30 range.

That’s a nice hack but I don’t want to sacrifice an audio track in the m:s just to provide clock. It’s hard to believe nobody has capitalized on this need with the huge explosion in portable hardware electronic instruments.

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Buy a keystep. It will allow you sync all sorts of stuff. (korg pulse, eurorack gate, other stuff) plus then you have a keystep!

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True ! Or a SQ-1 as well.

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I want something like this, but it needs to work with model:samples, not a gameboy…


If some tech savvy person can please engineer this I will gladly pay you $30 for it!

SQ-1 can just do midi out i believe. It can do midi in and out but just via USB. In which case he’d be stuck in the exact same situation.

I wonder if this will do the job ?

EDIT: Ah no sorry, looks to me like the outs are specific to the littleBits system.

Wow, that looks like it just might work… thanks!

Must be worth a bit of research at least. Google “littleBits midi” and there’s lots of help.

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Cheapest way get a arduino and midi shield, there are quite a few code examples floating around to do various sync things.

Probably cost 20 max and a hour or 2 to set up.

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Thanks, yeah I think this littlebits trigger out is a littlebits connection and not an actual trs so I’m back at square one. I’ll look into that

True that ! There only midi out on it I forgot. It’s the Sync in and out that got me.

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Yeah so i guess you could use the SQ-1 as the master? Have the Midi out go to the M:S and the pulse out go to the PO. But i doubt that’s what you’d want to do. Still think the Keystep is the best option. And then you have a Keystep!

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I mean, i’m assuming the beatstep also has the same I/O functionality? i Just have a keystep so if so you could go with the beatstep and that would give you want you wanted plus you have a beatstep!

scratch that Beatstep just has outs for midi and sync

True, but I’d prefer some kind of small adapter rather than another full fledged instrument/hardware device

Would this do the job ? So far as I can tell, DINSync works as a PO input ( LINK 1, LINK 2 ) so this looks like the right ballpark, but I’m not clear how the cabling would work.

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