Midi Trigger soft green light

Hi everyone. Hope you guys ar ok.

I’m a recent owner of a Digitakt and i’ve run into something i can’t find an explanation for.
One of my midi triggers is in a soft green colour (not the Global Mute bright green). I’ve searched the web and tried several stuff in the DT but can’t quite find out what’s the problem or what it means.

Did someone run into something similar?

Thanks guys in advance.

Looks like a trigless trig, i.e. there is a P-Lock’d value on that step but no note(s) will be triggered. You add trigless trigs in same way as manually entering normal red trigs, apart from you hold FUNC when tapping 1-16

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Thanks for the help.
I thought it could be something like that, but i guess it isn’t. This green light is present in all projects and even in chromatic mode, as seen in the pic.

Could this be some kind of malfunction on Led lights?

Have you tried loading up a new project?

I keep getting this soft green light instead of the white one.

Sounds like it could be hardware malfunction.
Try the diagnostics mode using FUNC + Power , I think you can test the LEDs from there , although never personally tried.

I ran the diagnostic. It only tested the key, not the LEDs and the DT found no errors.
If this is some hardware malfunction it’s some pretty bad luck :frowning:

Thanks for the help.

Looks like the blue of that RGB LED has died.

You’re probably right.
Tough luck…

go into test mode and press trigs 3, 4 & 5 together. all buttons should be white.

press trig 5 for blue-only. i guess your trig 15 will not be lit.

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My lights at 6 and 14 did a similar thing back in November, I set up a support ticket (the guys were extremely helpful) and was all ready to send my digitakt off for repair, then after a week or so they started working normally again so I left it, and they’ve been working fine ever since.
That was my experience anyway 🤷

Can you activate a red trigger on that key?
I couldn’t on mine

Thanks for the tip @garf.
As seen on the picture it looks like the blue LED is not working :frowning:

@Yabba, lucky you mate. Glad to hear yours went back to normal. :slight_smile: And yes i can activate a red trigger.

It seems that the problem is a led.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ve read really good things about this community, and it seems every word is true.

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Hi minimono, I have exactly the same problem since „now“. And also on Trig 15!?!?! Any news here?

I just did this test. The blue light is on. But a litte softer than all others. It’s more annoying that in pattern mute mode (pink light) the trig red because of that. Damn, the DT is just 3 days old ;-(
/ Edit: 20 min later and yes, the blue light is completely gone!

I have a similar problem.Green light on number 15 started blinking and now its completely gone.I did the light test and it has no light.Hope its easy to fix.