Hi everyone!

This was already shared in the Novation Peak thread but I thought I’d open a new one as I’ve just added new parameter sheets for the A4 Mk2. We’re on the Elektron forum after all!

The tuned sheet should give you reasonable sounds as it usually doesn’t include extreme values. I also disabled some of the parameters on that one to avoid crazy stuff but everything remains editable.

Quick notes on using it with the A4:

  • Open “pd core” and replace the file name to “a4-tuned.txt” or “a4-random.txt”
  • Hit “Refresh”
  • Pick the MIDI channel corresponding to the track on which you want a random sound
  • You can use channel 9 to randomise the currently selected track (auto channel)
  • TRACK+PLAY (Clear) will get you back to the default sound for that track but you know that already

Let me know if you find anything weird and have fun!



This seems fun to me, I like randomized patches. But I’m a bit fearful of downloading stuff I don’t understand with regards to viruses and stuff. Can you share the right link to “pd core”. I just downloaded Pd-0.51-3. Was that a wrong one? Where do I find the “pd core” version?


No worries! So, this tool is just a simple Pure Data patch. In this case, “pd core” is not something you have to download - it’s a subpatch. You don’t have to worry about that.

Just download vanilla Pd from the official website (sounds like you’ve done that already), get MIDIRand on Patchstorage, open the main.pd patch and within that patch you can click on that “pd core” subpatch and replace “read peak-tuned.txt” (tuned file for the Peak) with “read a4-tuned.txt” (tuned file for the A4) for example. That’s it - just don’t forget to hit “Refresh” after that.

It should all be explained clearly on Patchstorage.
Hope that helps!

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Got it!

Followup, if I can ask one more thing: How can you change the peak file to the a4 file within the pd_core page? If I click the “read peak-tuned.txt” bar there nothing happens. If I right-click it only offers “help” as option. How do I load the A4 text?

Yep, that’s most likely because the patch is locked :slight_smile: . You have to enable edit mode (Cmd/Ctrl+E or Edit>Edit mode). You can lock it again once the text has been changed.

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Awesome, got it! Will try some random patches soon!

Hi @arcrae.io to report back: I havent gotten it to work yet, unfortunately. I’m afraid I might be lacking a bit too much knowledge.

Perhaps you could share some tips, info, or links to how this should be set up? Some basic questions would be:

  • Am I supposed to send these as midi sysex files to A4 (Sysex dump)?
  • Or should this work as a midi controller? (Would this work just over usb-midi, or do I need to usb-host?)
  • I’m also getting the following message, see the picture. Perhaps something went wrong with how I changed from Peak to A4 in the pd-core page. I’m not sure for example if I’m hitting “refresh” correctly.

I have to admit I never use my laptop, so maybe I’m just not configuring my Kenton USB host correctly.

Anyways, perhaps next try another day I’ll manage to get it to work!

I actually got it! It’s alíve! Two things I had to do:

  1. I had a typo in the above red text :sweat_smile: (I forgot to copy-paste “read” in my last try)
  2. In the Peak thread about this program I found the second part I had to do: In the Pd software/app, go to settings>midi and select the A4. (no midi-host needed, just straight from laptop to A4 over usb-cable)
  3. Done! Works all and well. :slight_smile:

Cheers @arcrae.io

UPDATE: It’s a lót of fun

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Cool! Glad it worked out.

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Thanks! This is great. I can confirm it also works with A-Keys