Midisync without start/stop

Is it possible to:

  1. have MS as a master
  2. send a clock signal via midi to other gear (for instance a Microfreak & Roland TR6s) without start/stop message
  3. so that i can switch projects on the MS while the other device keep on playing

And if so, do i need a midi thru box or a midi merge? Or maybe an external clock device, input in the midi thrubox (expensive solution)

Model:Samples does not let you configure midi clock and start/stop individually, like you can on the bigger Elektrons. It either sends clock and start/stop or none.

Not sure if TR6s or the Microfreak can do that.

Filtering out start/stop entirely (with a midi processor) wouldn’t help I guess?

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I dont know. That would be nice. Is it possible to filter out certain messages with a midi (thru) box? Or do i need an other midi-device?

You need a midi processor (like the Midi Solution Event Processor, Bome Box etc.) or a midi interface with filtering capabilities like the Blokas Midihub.

When you filter start stop, you´d have to start and stop the TR6s and Mirofreak manually. You could test with a computer befor buying a midi processor, the free Bome Midi Translater software should do. For that test, all midi messages would have to go through the computer.

The Midi Solution devices draw current from the midi connection, which is actually against the midi standard, but apparently it works for many configurations and of course means you don´t need another PSU.


Thx! Does a Digitak filter start stop messages? Looking for a second groovebox anyway.

Edit, checked the manual. Digitakt can do that.

Also Octatrack, Analog Four/Keys, Analog Rytm, Digitone and Monomachine and Machinedrum all have seperate settings for sending/receiving clock and sending/receiving start/stop messages.

Apparently Digitone can do that as well! It came with a firmware update, I just checked the release notes. Now that’s nice!

I had older versions of the pdf manuals and there was only a sync on/off setting which combined clock and transport. The newest manual lists seperate settings.

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