Migrating to new CF card w/o card reader

hey gang… what it says in the title…
maybe I’m overly cautious. how can i do that?

set the the OT to USB mode > grab the data > eject the old card (hardware in the OT, software on my laptop) > put in the new blank one and simply paste the data of the old card in?

… changing cards while i"m in USB mode is what I’m worried about and I don’t feel like experimenting

any insight? many thanks

also - can I actually just copy the OT OS? or would I have to install it properly?

The firmware is already loaded into the OT. The OT doesn’t boot from the CF card when it starts up. You don’t need to worry about the firmware.

thanks for your response Peter, so you reckon the procedure I described above is a safe thing to do?

again - might be overly cautious here

Avoid swapping cards while being in USB mode. Copy data to PC, then ‘remove device safely’ on PC, then end the USB mode on OT, then swap the cards, then go back to USB mode and copy data to the new card and ‘remove device safely’ again. Without ending USB mode or ejecting USB devices properly you are risking data loss.


cube48 for the win

And just be very careful when ejecting / inserting as the pins are very fragile and prone to breaking. Worst thing is, they are attached to the logic board of the OT so if they break the machine will also.

ah ok… thought so. so I can swap the cards while the OT is switched on? (after leaving USB mode)

thanks everyone

Yes, just make sure that the card status light is not blinking at that time (writing to the card).

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great - many thanks!

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