Mimicking clock with CV (MPC One)

I’m a month into owning the MPC One and am super happy with it. I have a eurorack drum synth build in progress and I’m wanting to start exprimenting with the MPC CV tracks. However, there is no clock send. I’m pretty new to CV, in general, and my question is: Is it possible to mimick a clock send using one of the regular CV tracks? If so, how?

Surprising that you can’t send clock out. The beauty of analog / modular is that voltage is voltage. That is, as long as you have an short pulse with a decent amplitude, it should be recognized as a clock signal. I’m not familiar with the particulars of the MPC One (Been tempted tho!) so I can’t speak to how the cv outputs work. That’s all I got - got any mpc one jams to share?