Minibrute2 and mpc one

guys i got a quick question.
i connected the minibrute2 with a mpc one and i m tryna record few leads with it.
the problem is that if i use the master out (of the arturia) the sound comes out only from one channel but if i use the headphone output it comes out from 2 channels but the sound is not that crystal clear like from the master output.

what shall i do?

Does the MPC have a configuration to set the incoming MB2 input as mono or stereo? The mb2 master out is mono while the headphone out is stereo…This ends my obligatory help desk reply

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You’re using a stereo cable on a mono source. You need to get a 1/4” mono cable.


i got this one. is this what you are talking about? do i need it with two male jacks? @OldmanChompski

Yeah that’s all you need, plug one end into the master out of the minibrute and the other end into one of the two inputs.

I don’t have an MPC One but I looked up a video. On the record page in the top left corner it probably says Input 1 and 2. Click that and switch it to Input 1 or Input 2, depending on where you plugged the cable in on the MPC One.

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it works!!! thank you so much, you re a star!!!

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No problem.:v:t2: