Minicommand users?

as i finally have a minicommand, i was thinking i can be cool to recense the users as a lot of infos seems to have disapeared from the official site…
so, who is using one??

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You might be interested in checking out my MiniCommand Live firmware.

More information here:

  • Justin
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I may not use mine as often as I used to, but no plans to sell it as it’s useful in so many specific situations with MD/MnM.

For MD : Monster firmware is great for sound design exploration (Randomizer) and creating tonal passages (MD Notes). The firmware Justin Valer mentions above has a lot of potential and I’m still figuring out exactly how I want to use it live.

For MnM : It makes a great basic MIDI controller to get around the limitations to the MnM’s live tweakability. Tyrone also created a firmware that allows the user to assign only certain tracks (rather than all 6) to poly mode. Mostly useful in a live jamming situation as it won’t allow for sequencing poly lines, but still great for working out complex harmonies and running them through the MnM’s FX tracks.

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on this post i made (some time ago…) there was a link to the method to use a synth AND a minicommand the same time;
Unfortunately link disapeared…

I have it for two day now, but not use it for instance…

The patch manager cannot sync for instance…

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My Minicommand runs the original Ruin & Wesen software. It allows me to control all of the Machinedrum’s Delay parameters across two pages. Really wonderful for live stuff.

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Got two of them, program them a bit for my specific requirements, just wish there was better doco, and more spare time to dig into them.

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Does anyone know where the latest original firmware and manual can be found?

Information about the minicommand is really hard to find at the moment…

Try here

If you need more stuff, I can see what I have lying around, but there isn’t much.

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I have been meaning to try and get a copy of the old doxygen documentation hosted on another site now that the R&W redmine wiki has gone offline… as lacking as it was, some doco is better than none.

@justinvaler - i remember reading a long time back that you managed to get turbomidi and SD card read/write working on the minicommand for your MCL firmware, is that correct? If so, is there any chance you will make the code public at all? Also keen to see a demo vid of your MCL firmware if you ever got around to making it…

I saw in another post that @void has recently posted a heap of code to github, including stuff about A4 sysex, which looks pretty interesting, might try to port some of it over to the minicommand at some point…

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I might have some stuff lying around?

We also need a MiniCommand sub forum me thinks.

yes vote

Request for a MiniCommand sub-forum here

Thanks a lot!! much useful info at this link.
However, the miniduino app is nowhere to be found…

Does anyone have a link to that or could dropbox it?

thanks a lot in advance.

None with a MIDIduino app at hand?
The mac version would be handy, but win should be better than nothing :slight_smile:

This is apparently the only possible source of MIDIduino at the moment.
So hopefully someone can give a helping hand (a.k.a. download link).

What are you missing? The MiniCommand programming app?

Not sure if it is also called “mini command programming app”.
In the documentation i read, to change the firmware or load one of the existing ones, one needs to use the MIDIduino app.

So, yes, one of the two sides of the same coin is what i need :slight_smile:
Some app to access the mini command and change its firmware.

R&W Patch Manager download mirror:


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I’m pretty sure i have the “latest” midi-ctrl app (i.e. the minicommand programming app) at home for OSX somewhere, will see if i can upload it to the files section of this forum…

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Thanks to both!
Much appreciated

If no joy from Justin or Tyrone, I should have it kicking around on my Mac somewhere…