Minilab Mk2 to Digitone connection advice

Hi all, novice question perhaps, but I’m asking the hive mind:

How can I connect my Arturia Minilab Mk2 to my Digitone in as cheap and easy way possible?


This is probably the cheapest solution:

You can also do this with a full sized Raspberry Pi so the USB hub isn’t needed.
That way you have a more powerfull RPi for other projects.

yeah that’s a bit too complicated for me!

Just after a box, ready to go.

I also don’t know the cabling choices. Would it be Minilab USB-B into MIDI IN? Or into the USB-B of the DN?

Both the Minilab and the Digitone are USB peripherals. You will need a USB host (like a computer or a dedicated USB host box) in order to connect the Minilab with the Digitone.

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So like this for instance?

I plug Minilab into the USB socket, and then MIDI out to the DN?

Yes, that should work.

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