Minimal eurorack setup with Intellijel Atlantis

Thanks. I had the original Pams, but my eyesite has gone to sh*t since then, plus turning & turning that encoder was a drag. New Pams has so much more though. Does it have any of the O_C algos built-in? Mini Turing Machine?

Doepfer Slim Line Series: Tip Top Stackables too big?


Never had Tip Top Stackables, so I can’t say. I had Intellijel cables and were too big.

About Pam, it outputs square, triangle, sine and random cv. All waves are unipolar 0-5v, but with a negative offset you can easily obtain half voltage bipolar waves. You can adjust level, width and phase of the signals. Also has skip%, clock delay and euclidean pattern generator, plus plenty of clock div./mult. Everything per channel. A beast, but if you don’t like the big knob…
I never used o_c, so can’t compare.

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Yup… maybe the other semi-modules in the arsenal might provide enough extras, but it’s hard not to recommend taking a look at the SH-01A considering all the modulation OT could provide with a simple midi cable.

Thanks. Good to know that the Doepfer cables will work. The Intellijel cables look like the Ad Infinitums? Big sleeves.

8x channels of clocked CV from New Pam is tempting. Not just pulses like OG Pam.

I replaced OG Pam with an ADE-32 right before I purged all Euro, but New Pam seems more powerful. Lots to consider; gonna take it slow this time.

Yes, are the same: too big for Doepfer’s slim line.

New Pam is a winner for me, because I like a small-medium rack and it gives me clock division/multiplication, LFOs, stepped random cv and euclidean trigger in just 8hp. It’s crazy that you can set indipendently phase and clock of each signal in sync with master clock: a rithm beast! LFOs are good. I have also MI Tides and I can use it mainly as a vco, having plenty of sicronized LFOs given by Pam.
Only cons is the screen, but it’s all well displayed IMO and I don’t complain.

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Yes the sockets are very tight. I have also had problems of fitting them into the hp-footprint they are supposed to take up, because the sockets extend beyond the edge of the panel.
Great modules though. The a-121-3 is the a great sounding filter and the a-140-2 dual adsr packs so much function.

About the line-out thing: Most mixers and recorders can handle a modular signal just fine. I have never had the use for one.

I agree :+1:
Currently I’m mixing my eurorack with a Mackie straight from vcas and it works very well.

Yes it’s true, but for me it’s not a problem.
This may be the reason why Doepfer’s racks are 1/2 hp more wide. Mine is 84,5 :sweat_smile:

I managed too, but only by aligning them in a kind of criss-cut pattern so that they do not have sockets bumping directly up against each other :slight_smile:

Also: I would recommend the A-111-6 to anyone who has 10hp in their rack and 180$ to spare. It is deceptively simple as a voice, but it has so many little nifty things. I end up using it in every patch. The filter sounds good, there is an external input with cv-controlled crossfader, octave switch. Surprisingly versatile.


here I am, giving smart advices, and find myself back on modular grid a few days later.
Still loving all the atlantis demos and metropolis/x looks just so much fun.

Would love to try metropolix or the ryk 185 with two synth voices. Found out about the doepfer slim line, the synth voice seems to sound pretty great.
This would something I consider, but then, the sequencer alone is as expensive as some used elektron synths. The comparison is ridiculous. But the intellijel modules look so hands on.


I would probably do the following:

A small midi to cv module = alm busy circuit mmmidi or befaco midi thing.

Get a compact multi function module = Mutable instruments stages.

A clock divider = don’t have any specific in mind.

And get a small headphone output = ALM HPO

Stages would be the main attraction here you can send trigs from octatrack via the midi module to fire of envelopes to patch to Atlantis and also send LFO’s or random voltages.

If you want you can send the audio directly into the Octatrack (it can handle it) without the use of a euro to line conversion, so the HPO would be more for on the couch patching without the Octatrack.


Didn’t know this. So OT can handle eurorack audio levels?

Yes and you can also send audio to Eurorack without the need for Line to euro conversion since you can trim the gain of the cue and main output.

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As the OP, I should let you guys know the outcome. I did not take my own advice and tackle VCV rack for a while, and neither did I go the Atlantis/Metropolis/x route. I ended up zig zagging altogether and ordered an Erica Synths Black Polivoks System. I realize that this is nothing like the Intellijel setup. considering the advice given in this thread, I just couldn’t figure out how to justify the Atlantis as an entry into modular when I already have synths with similar voices. And VCV Rack doesn’t scratch that hardware itch for me.

Maybe the Polivoks system is an unwise way to get into modular, but I really like Erica Synths and I like the sound of that filter.

Thanks for the advice everyone and thanks for listening!


This is a pretty sweet setup. It really sounds like you are heading for an Atlants/Metropolis/x setup, @Unifono, you should just give in. :slight_smile:

I really like this idea. If I hadn’t already gone another route (see above) I would have strongly considered this. I’ll keep it in mind if I end up loving eurorack.

I think a pre made system is a great way to get your footing in modular. I went from years of semimodular to a pico system 3 and I feel like it taught me a lot of important lessons. Really knowing that what you got is a proper tool set and learning to make the most of all of it is a great way to know how to limit yourself down the line if you decide to build out a custom system.


Thanks, nice tip, will try this soon!

Cool to hear you went with the PV System. As far as I see, it’s more “modular” than the Atlantis, which as a complete synth voice is closer to a semi-modular. Congrats and let us know how you get on with it.

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Thanks, man! Will do.