Minimoog CV voltages

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I’m trying to sequence my minimoog voyager from my AK. Cable connections, pitchV/oct and gate seem to be right but I cannot manage to make the moog to pitch/track correctly: on CV track when setting Note1 to C3 and voltage1 set to tune that C3, I obtain some microtonal pitch tracking. Note2 is set to C4 and voltage2 is set to double the voltage1.
So, I’m kinda of confused about Note1-Voltage1 and Note2-Voltage2.
Chacked manual and videos about CV config but think I need some “CV guys” advice.
Thanks and cheers

That’s what you’d do on a Korg - for a Moog you want notionally a 1v/Oct start point

C5 0v
C6 1v

is the default, try that or reduce C5 to C3 and C6 to C4 and set V/Oct of course

and most importantly

search the forum - this has been discussed a lot


Thanks fot the tips, finally got it working and I’m quite happy with that. Not so straigthforward as it looks (being a 90’s midi guy this is my first CV attempt ever) and the amount of info about different set-ups got me a bit confused. Still one Q: when playing, say, C4 on the AK CV track, Moog plays around G#. What is the best way to tune it, by adjusting voltage values or note parameter on the AK? Or whatever you do tu keep in tune is just fine (like tuning the global instrument itself till it matches your whole setup) Thanks and cheers =)

Follow the instructions in the OS update release notes for the A4 - follow those - and honestly, read through the countless threads on this stuff - every synth is set up in broadly the same way - all the pitfalls are covered - the important thing is to play a c on the moog before you start and then leave it well alone - it will(may) transpose and mess up your tuning if you mess about with the controlled synth

Yap, I’ll check those. Thanks again!

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