Minitaur patch managing

Im planning to buy Minitaur. Ill use it as studio piece but also in live situation,so…

How is patch managment??
Saving is possible ONLY with editor??
Switching patches is possible on the front panel (important cause of the live use)??



I have owned a Minitaur but I swopped it for a bass station 2 which is more hands on and easy to use.

It is a great bass generator and soundwise you can’t go wrong (sound is better than the BSII that’s for sure)

But Patching is rather difficult. For saving presests you need editor, which is still under development. However most buggs are fixed now.

Swichting is possible from front panel yes.

Patch management is in a word - crap.

However, there’s work on a new firmware/editor which should be released soonish - head over to Moog forums and do some research - you’ll find a detailed answer there fo sure.

Yeah, was considering BS2. But i need to control something with A4. I dont want to limit it myself with only BS2’s internal seq. Whar do you guys think of Slim Phatty?? Would it be stupid to buy it just for bass duties??

A slim for bass duties is fine in my book.

Make sure to research the minitaur CV issues. I can’t remember the details or if they all got sorted. But, I do remember issues with the CV ins.

With the latest firmware (which is still beta) saving sounds is also possible directly on the Minitaur without the editor

Maybe you should also check out the Pulse 2…seems also to be doing well in the bass department…

but i do not think it has CV…mmmh… well go for the minitaur…and be patient unitll new editors is released officially.

Thanks guys! I think the best soulution is to register on Moog forum and ask specifics. But anyways, thanks for your time.