Minor (Major to me) Epiphany about scenes and kits

Holy crap. I get it.

I’ve dug through pages of threads on saving kits (mostly from my time with the A4) and pages on ideas for using the Rytms Scene mode.

I never really gelled with having to make new kits per pattern and I much prefered the Digi style of having it done automatically with every new pattern. Until now.

I also never really got much use from scenes beyond simple high pass like momentary effects. I thought it was just like an all or nothing perf mode, which it can be.

My second Rytm is on the way after having to sell the first one way too soon. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it by binging Rytm vids/threads and just chatting to whoever I can about techniques.

It finally hit me that a ton of the stuff I used to make patterns for, are actually better done through scenes.

Alternate song sections and breakdowns that change up the machines/sample settings or tuning are perfect use of scenes!

I used to always duplicate my patterns, save new kit and tweak away even though I didn’t actually change the trig’s all that much.

Honestly like 80% of my pattern use can be moved to scenes.

Man, this might be totally obvious to some of you but my mind is blown. Hopefully I could help someone else who might have been struggling to see the point of scenes or the Rytm Kit structure.


Also me trying to explain to my gf why this has got me so excited this late at night.